footsteps 2 jannah presents A Family ziyarah trips TO IRAQ IN DECEMBER HOLIDAYS

1ST JAN 2022

A Ziyarah Trips with Tailored Iteneries for Children & Families, includes Specialized Workshops & Programmes for Children & Adults
Join us to take footsteps 2 Jannah together!

Footsteps 2 Jannah

Was born in December 2017, in its mission to providing access to Religious trips/pilgrimages with a special focus on Children, youth and families. Whilst there are many fantastic service providers supporting Zuwar, Foosteps2Jannah strives to ensure that tours to the holy lands are tailored to the needs of young children and families.

Programmes are structured to facilitate the learning needs of the young Zuwar (religious and secular) as well as ensuring that all the Zuwar are able to enjoy the spiritual experience feeling comfortable that their children are in an child-centric environment.
What We Offer


Child Friendly

Focussed to the needs of children and families

Tailored Trips

Comfortable, slow paced, simplified itineraries built around children’s learning and spiritual development

Speakers and Recitors

Specialist individuals to facilitate children’s workshops and activities, world Renown eloquent recitors, prominent lecturers
Captured Memories

"Join us to take footsteps 2 Jannah together!"


What our Zuwwar say??

“Bismillah, Alhumdulilah me and my seven year old daughter Laila Fatima had an amazing trip with Footsteps to Jannah. We’ve been to Iraq several times before with different groups and Alhumdulilah all those experiences were good as well. For this trip however, I was looking for a group who caters to younger kids, F2J understood our needs and definitely put together a program which was for the younger zuwars. They made every effort to make this journey comfortable and spiritually enlightening for us and our children. My duas for this amazing team, inshaAllah you all get the reward for selflessly serving the zuwars of Aba Abdullah (AS).”


" It was awesome. Lectures, going to harams, listening to nawhas. Peace. Thats how i felt. Peace. I also felt sadness and loneliness but I dont know why i felt it. I just did. Thanks to all the organisers. I really felt comfortable with everyone in the group. Usually i only feel comfortable with my mum but everyone in this group was like a parent. I personally think that F2J did some good planning. The only thing I advise you to do is dont go to the haram in the afternoon because it is too hot. kids will not like it. You did a very good job on this project. You chose very nice people to come. From Imran Datoo to Syed Ali Abbas Razawi, you did a good job. Thank you -


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"Join us to take footsteps 2 Jannah together!"

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